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Faculty Bio

Mr. J. Abikzer

Mr. Abikzer was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where he first developed and honed his skills as an educator. From and early age he knew he would become a teacher, helping guide students and shape their minds, creating a difference in the lives of his students. It is his goal to help students find the joy in reading while making real connections with a text and with each other as individuals and members of a classroom community. Mr. Abikzer blends a unique style, a lifelong dedication to learning and literature with his personal history, background and life experiences as youth and teen facing the realities of the harsh New York City streets. His goal is to show students ways in which they too can create and accomplish any goals they set for themselves. His mission to work with the students and parents alike in creating a positive and respectful learning environment where everyone can flourish, blending personal growth with growth in skills and knowledge.