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1. Do I need a ticket to audition?

No, a ticket is not required. Simply show up on one of the scheduled audition dates.

2. Where do I go to audition?

Auditions are held on the Third Floor of our Walton Campus in the Bronx.

3. What should I bring to the audition?

Instrumental students should bring their instrument or drum sticks if they are percussionists. Chorus students do not need to bring anything.

4. What do I wear to the audition?

Wear something you are comfortable in. Think “business casual”. Dress to impress.

5. What is “sight reading”?

Sight reading is playing a short phrase of music that you have never seen before.

6. What if my sight reading is not good?

Sight reading is a way for us to better assess where you are musically. We understand that your level of sight reading may not be advanced at the time of your audition. We assess you based on your ENTIRE audition, so your sight reading will not necessarily make or break your audition.

7. When do I find out if I passed my audition?

High School Admissions informs all students of their match to high school. Check out the admissions timeline on schools.nyc.gov for more information.